Men with very thick hair, straight, wavy or curly experience some hairstyling dilemma. For an edgier look this season, try the undercut hairstyle. Basically, the undercut is keeping a long top while all sides are shorter. It is a popular hairstyle for guys who like looking good with a style statement. The great thing about the undercut is the simplicity plus the different variations from it, depending upon the creativity of the guy who wears this style. The undercut hairstyle can be a classic look with slicked back style or edgy thick long curly top with really short sides. The edginess of the undercut is in the styling of the long hair on top. Some men like to keep the style a bit more natural by keeping it unruly and wild on top. This is a good style for men with wavy or curly hair. For men with straight hair, an undercut with slicked back is stylish and cool.

There are two styles of undercut, the disconnected and faded styles. These two separates men’s approach to style, disconnected undercut is more edgy. It literally means the sides of the hair are uniformly cut short forming a disconnection from the top. This is a great haircut for men with wavy and curly hair. Faded undercut has the sides blending into the longer top. There is a variation of length on the sides until reaching the long top.

Undercut hairstyle can be classical or whimsical depending on the style of person. One way to keep the hair easy to style is by not washing it with shampoo. Shampoo strips the hair from its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Lessening the use of shampoo doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be washed. Wash with water, dissolved baking soda and diluted vinegar in water. This keeps the natural oils of the hair which protects it from drying and brittleness. Keep in mind any of the undercut variation can be stylish and edgy.

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