Would You? The Weirdest, Most Expensive High End Facials 



Lifestyles of the rich and famous are always something people envy – but there are some things rich people do for beauty we just can’t wrap our heads around. Keeping that youthful glow is something everyone wants, regardless of your bank account balance but would you pay the hefty price tag for some of these facials? While some of them we would certainly pass on, luxury is in the eye of the experienced.


We’ve found some of the weirdest, outrageous and most expensive facials that the rich and famous swear by. While beauty trends come and go, science doesn’t lie! While we don’t deny the claims of skin rejuvenation, oxygenating cells, boosting collagen and cleaning pours – we can’t help but wonder how some of these facials made it from the testing room to the spa service menu!

But we’ll leave it to you – the readers to ponder, would you OR wouldn’t you?


Snake Venom Facial

Take comfort in knowing the snake venom is actually a synthetic substitute – but the pain from this facial is certainly still felt. But pain is beauty right? This high end facial includes 14 tested ingredients including green apple stem cells which are thought to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The sting which prompted the facial’s name helps relax and strengthen the skin muscles and is used as an alternative to botox.

How much to feel the sting? $450 from the Sonya Dakar’s Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills


Caviar and Gold Facial

Nothing says luxury like caviar and gold…but mixed together on our face? With a large celebrity following, this facial is used to brighten the skin with it’s ingredients that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. This particular mix of ingredients is on propriety lock down by Nurse Jamie in California but does include plant extracts and platinum and 24 karat gold mixed with expensive fresh caviar to leave skin looking refreshed with a youthful glow.


How many paychecks do you need to save for this luxury experience? Well, enough to get you to the $1,200 mark just for one treatment!


Snail Facial

Escargo or escarNO, we might not be able to stomach the idea of live snails on our face, but some swear by it. With a variety of sizes, in most spas a serum is placed on the skin followed by snails, snails and more snails. Slithering around the combination of the serum and the snail slime is supposed to work magic – reduce fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores, and heal acne scars.


Price tag for this slimy situation? EscarGlow Facial with Dr. Schulman in New York, $375


Spermine Facial

Desperate for beauty or just nuts…bad choice of word! Either way, made from synthesized human sperm (although, bull sperm might also be an option) this facial is world renowned because spermine is a natural antioxidant found in semen. Touted to protect and repair the skin from damage this unique and natural facial involves the serum like spermine applied and massaged deeply into the pores of the face, neck and decollete.


The cost of having a professional massage spermine in your face, $400 (Babyface Facial, Townhouse Spa) all the jokes one can crack from this experience…priceless!


The Geisha Facial aka Bird Poop Facial

This ancient Japanese beauty regime was used historically by the Geishas, cleansing their skin with nightingale droppings. Now – resurfacing in luxury spas, it is thought to lighten the skin’s complexion and release toxins. Keeping with tradition, nightingale droppings are the star ingredient in this facial which apparently undergoes a very intense processing regime before use. So basically, don’t try to mimic this at home with your pet parakeet’s feces.


The cost to have bird poop smeared on your face? Approximately $200 dollars for one session.


Placenta Facial

The benefits of the human placenta have been written about, talked about and studied for years. With science backing its health and beauty benefits it is becoming less taboo to ingest and use as a topical so we weren’t shocked when we chanced upon this specialty facial – the only question we have is…whose placenta are we using here?


Pumped full of nutrients, minerals, amino acids and proteins it is is thought to heal acne prone skin, lessen the signs of rosacea and lift dull skin…not to mention the many anti aging properties it contains.


So the price tag? $499 per treatment at the Trifecta Med Spa in New York

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