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How To Keep Your Colour Glowing All Summer Long

Summer is in the air! This hopefully means soaking in the sun, pools and salt water. This is all well and good for your skin, just keep it protected and moisturized. But what about your hair? The sun, salt and pool water can be damaging to the hair especially if it’s treated with color. These…


Miracle Ingredient — Roucou Oil

So, we’ve all heard about the numerous oils that claim to have miraculous effects on the hair… it all began with Moroccan Oil (also known as Argan Oil)…


Layers for Long Hair

For all of us, hair is an asset, jewel and one of those important things which embraces our beauty. It is more of like an accessory than just hair. In a way to enhance our beauty, and to look more appealing and attractive, we should know some handy hairstyles to look even better. Let us…