Dangers Of Using Box Colour Dye

Every once in a while, you may like to change your hair for a new look. But you also know just how expensive a fresh new look can be. So, you opt for a cheaper route; you head to the store and pick up a box of hair dye. It’s a quick and easy transformation, but what you might not realize is just how dangerous box dye can be.

When it comes to box dye, one doesn’t necessarily fit all. In order to get the colour you want, colourists create a formula that’s customized to your existing hair colour. When it comes to box dye however, that factor isn’t there. There’s a good chance you won’t get the colour that’s on the box. Instead, the colour you end up with could look nothing like what the box suggested.

Box dye also does a lot of damage to your hair. You may wonder why your hair feels like straw after you dye it. That’s because box dye have chemicals in it that are harmful to your hair. These box dye companies would never tell you that. Once the damage is done, it’s hard to undo.

When it comes to colouring your hair, there really isn’t anything better than a professional application. A box dye tend to include bottles for applying the colour. The only thing that should be applied by a bottle is a toner, which you should also not do at home. Hair dye must be precisely applied, and that’s next to impossible application with a bottle from box dye.

Box dye may be cheaper, but think about it— you’ll either pay for it now, or later when you need to seek professional help to fix your hair. Get it right the first time by seeing a professional hair colourist. Your hair will thank you!

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