When it comes to hair colour, what is the lived-in style? If you saw it, it may look like someone just stepped right out of a day at the beach but it’s really just a new way of highlighting and blending that allows the colour to grow out naturally. The process itself may seem like it’s two-fold.

The live-in hair colour is all about getting back to basics first. Going through the entirety of your hair and taking out all the old colour from years of buildup and all the different places (at home and at other salons) people getting their colour done. After the initial colour cleanse, it’s minimal touch-ups from there.

The process for achieving beautiful lived-in hair is fairly extensive, taking almost six hours to complete but the beauty of it is that you only have to sit through this once or twice per year. The technique involves highlighting the whole head, lifting or bleaching the hair, depositing the colour and creating a fake root. The fake root will allow your hair to grow out naturally and blend into the rest of your hair without giving you blunt roots. The colour is then replicated on top of certain strands to match the new base colour and to avoid harsh roots as the hair grows out. The final outcome looks similar to balayage, a technique that is accomplished by painting the outside perimeter of the hair.

This hair colour style is great for a few reasons — it cuts trips to the salon in half. Nothing is more frustrated than loving your new look but having repeated trips back to the salon, just for colour maintenance — you would have to justify that to yourself if it’s worth all the trouble and inconvenience to your life. The lived-in hair colour style saves you money because if you’re cutting trips to the salon in half, that’s less money you have to fork out. Some hair colour styles require a lot more upkeep and frequent touch-ups. But the best part about the lived-in look is that it works with every hair hue. Blonde, brunette or redhead — hair colour style is for everyone! The one thing to remember is don’t try this technique yourself — it takes a lot of skill and know-how for your colourist to deliver that kind of hair colour that will last six to seven months.

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