As perfectly imperfect creatures, we all strive to look our very best. At some point in time we’ve all flipped through magazines, or browsed online to look for that perfect new ‘do that will COMPLETELY revolutionize everything about our tired old look. While checking out celebs for hair inspiration can be a great starting point, the realities of asking your stylist for a carbon copy of someone else’s hairstyle is something else entirely! So whether you’re craving Jennifer Aniston’s shiny, sun-kissed tresses, or desperate for Jennifer Lawrence’s ultra-blonde piecey layers, read on to know just what to expect when you present a pic of your coveted ‘do.

Reality vs. Fantasy

Hair photos from mags and online sources aren’t generally the best places to get “real” looks. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest, along with your run-of-the-mill celebrity magazines, may have awesome aspirational pictures to fawn over, but they’re really the romance novels of hair. Absolutely everything is staged — from the angle at which the picture is taken, to the filters and the outrageous Photoshopping. When you come into the salon you can expect to leave looking fabulous, but you’re more than likely not going to look exactly like your affected imagery. So, by all means take in the insight, but try to be realistic about the outcome.

Celebrities Aren’t Realistic Sources

Reality check — celebs spend COUNTLESS hours in the chair with personal stylists, make-up artists & hairdressers in order to get that flawless look, so don’t expect a new cut to duplicate their professionally maintained appearance. Unless you’re willing to put in the time and effort of maintaining a perfect coif every day, it ‘aint gonna happen. Remember that while your stylist can more than likely give you your fave celeb’s colour and cut, she isn’t a magician! You may walk out with a carbon copy of Gisele’s hair, but the face is all you, baby!

All Hair is Different

When handing over an image to your stylist always remember that ALL hair is different. You may be handing over a pic of someone with coarse, thick and wavy hair, while your own is fine, thin and pin straight. I’m going to repeat myself here: STYLISTS ARE NOT MAGICIANS. As long as you realize that hair types differ, and trust your stylist to give you a cut/colour similar to what you’re looking for, you’ll walk out happy with your new style — BUT if you’re expecting to walk out with an exact replica of a photo — prepare for disappointment.

Don’t Ditch the Pics

Although having inflated “hoop” dreams when it comes to bringing in pics to your stylist isn’t a good thing, presenting him or her with images to work with is a good thing! Most people find it very hard to describe EXACTLY what they’re looking for in a new style or colour. Pictures help both you and your stylist visualize what look you’re going for. So feel free to bring in as many pictures as possible — just remember to be realistic about the outcome! Remember that all good visits to the salon start with a consultation — so if you’re not sure that you & your stylist are on the same page, be sure to speak up sooner rather than later!

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