Bring light into the darkness is what has become the most natural colour trend for – floodlights. This technique for highlighting produces discreet but definite radiance. Floodlighting is the ideal for aging and grey hair as it gives an all over colour with an even tone, which looks softer on the skin. It involves doing all over colour and then placing high lift blonde (either freehand or with foils) while the colour is processing.

This technique draws out the tone in certain places to create an entirely bespoke shade. For example with a dark brown, you can bring out gold tones; with a chocolate, you can bring out red tones and it’s great for making blondes really pop. It’s all about making the colour look like there’s a light shining from within.

As you get older, darker dense colours can dull the skin giving an aging appearance so this is a way of lighting the hair from within to bring radiance. This technique also helps with regrowth as it softens the difference between the grey and colour.

This is a hair colour that really makes you shine! The somewhat wider blonde streaks brighten up your mane in next to no time, without entirely changing your hair colour. What is known as floodlighting gives you a natural hue that is especially soft on your skin and really flattering for your complexion. The coloured strands are either applied using the foil technique or painted freehand and are wider than usual — all the while, avoiding being too precise because floodlights are at different lengths and not too accurate, that keeps the look natural and modern.



Life is busy but you want to look good so you feel good — life doesn’t always give you the opportunity to do that. So maintaining a fabulous hair colour style can be very difficult.

If your schedule, or your budget, won’t allow hair colour appointments every six weeks, ask your stylist to root your hair. They do all the highlights and put a gloss or a toner or a colour on the roots to tone it down. This will take away the contrast so it doesn’t look so bold or blatant in the regrowth, almost like smudging your eyeliner.

Did you know your hair grows about a half-inch per month? That means after colouring, your roots start to become visible after 3 to 4 weeks. No worries, with rooting your hair, you’ll save money, avoid over-processing and extend the life of your shade.

The rooted trend is a progression from the Balayage technique; your hair is freshly coloured yet designed to look grown out, creating that naturally carefree style. This technique can be used on new or slightly grown out highlights and you don’t have to do a full colour to touch up your roots. Root colouring at your salon can match your hair colour or an at-home dye job. Your hair colourist will apply colour that targets your roots, along your part, hairline and temples. They’ll be extremely precise, applying only where you need it and never highlighting over existing highlights as they will get even brighter, becoming over-processed and possibly damaged.

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