As the last legs of autumn slowly give out, we look forward to a change in fashion, food, routine and style. As the seasons change and offer a fresh start for everyone, why not complete your sense of change with updated tresses? Fall offers us an array of colour that recognizes that yes, summer is over – but color, warmth and vibrancy live on. If you are getting that “transition itch” to change your ‘do, read on to learn about the top ____ fall trends for 2015:

  1. Bronde: It is technically not a word, but still a wonderful look we are obsessed with. Bronde (blonde and brown’s infant child) is for those not willing to let go of the summery blonde hair, but want to adapt to the richness and darker tones of the fall season. Adding some caramel and light chocolate tones to already existing blonde tresses will create a multi-tone that looks seamless and effortless at the same time.
  2. Burnt Autumn/Copper: Let’s face it – we have all considered trying red at some point. Some of us successful in our attempts, some of us let the fear of upkeep drive us away from the thought. Thankfully, we all have the opportunity to attempt a vibrant hair trend in the red family – burnt autumn, or copper. We have seen faded autumn shades, vibrant copper tones in both natural and overly expressed ways – all completely acceptable this coming fall.
  3. Natural Roots: Years ago, we would have considered this trend a huge fashion faux pas – allowing color processed hair to grow out and exposing the natural color via the root. Lucky for us (and our wallets!) bi-weekly hair upkeep is no longer necessary with this natural root trend. We have seen this look showcased all over Hollywood where our envied celebs are exposing their true colours shamelessly. This is an incredibly easy trend to follow and can work on any hair that has been fully colour-processed.
  4. Dark Chocolate: Always a classic to turn to, the cool tones of autumn can make up opt for darker tresses that look good on practically any skin tone. If you are having trouble deciding on your new fall hair, this is a timeless look is a great go-to.
  5. Platinum Peak-a-boos: If you are completely unwilling to part with your bright summer blonde, have no fear; platinum blonde peak-a-boo highlights are all the craze. If you want to swim against the current of darker do’s, this is a fantastic hair goal. Bright, double processed blonde pieces can “peak” out from virtually any full head color, making this sassy trend an all-year keeper.

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