Beauty Brands We Don’t Support


…And Ones We Can



If you thought long gone were the days of animal testing by big makeup brands, think again. While many companies claim in North America they no longer test on animals, digging deeper has uncovered some lies by omission. Some big name beauty brands may have ditched the testing here at home but have opted to outsource product testing on animals to countries like China where tolerance for testing products on fury creatures is a lot more relaxed less culturally offensive.


Consumers should know the truth about how their makeup and beauty products, how they are created and how companies test before they hit the shelves. We’ve listed the beauty brands we can not support due to questionable testing standards, testing on animals or refusing to disclose their testing practices to the public. We also have our top brands for your beauty counter replacement options to make the switch to more ethical brands quick and painless.


Our hope, with enough people boycotting and switching brands, these beauty companies will see it is NOT worth testing on animals and can find an alternative route to product development.



20 beauty brands we just can’t trust…

  1. Victoria’s Secret
  2. OPI
  3. Maybeline
  4. L’Oreal
  5. Lancome
  6. Chanel
  7. Estee Lauder
  8. Clinique
  9. Benefit
  10. Avon
  11. NARS
  12. Clinique
  13. Rimmel
  14. Elizabeth Arden
  15. Smashbox
  16. Origins
  17. No 7
  18. MAC
  19. Bourjois
  20. Dior



20 ethical brands we can’t get enough of…

  1. Jordana Cosmetics
  2. Lia Reese Canada
  3. Too Faced
  4. Tarte
  5. NYX
  6. Pacifica
  7. Burts Bees
  8. Eminence Organic Skincare
  9. LUSH
  10. l.f cosmetics
  11. Atomic Beauty
  12. RMS Beauty
  13. The Body Shop
  14. Lavera
  15. TanOrganic
  16. Green People
  17. Beauty Without Cruelty
  18. Bite
  19. Wildcraft
  20. Smith Farms

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