The buzz cut is not a new style when it comes to men’s haircuts, in fact even some female celebrities like Demi Moore, Eve, Jodi Foster, and Charlize Theron have rocked buzz cuts at least once in their careers. As a part of our current promotion we are bringing you the top 6 male celebrities who can and do rock the buzz cut. Don’t forget to come in and take part in our fantastic fundraiser. All buzz cuts are only $5 and the proceeds will be donated to the Stollery Foundation. The Stollery Foundation helps children who have been diagnosed with conditions receive the quality medical they both need and deserve.

Now, on to our list of the five best worn buzz cuts by male celebrities.

  1. Brad Pitt has gone from long flowy hair to a short stylish buzz cut through the years and he has even tried every style in between, but the one thing is for sure he looks sexy in any hair style he wears.
  2. Will Smith – this actor is funny and stylish, in fact he was rocking the buzz cut before it became popular to do so. Will Smith can be seen over the years wearing different length buzz cuts but still buzz cuts just the same.
  3. Bradley Cooper – Maybe it is those ice blue eyes that make his buzz cut seem so sexy, either way we think Bradley Cooper should be in the number three spot because the boy sure can rock that buzz cut.
  4. Wentworth Miller – This British born actor can be seen in popular show Prison Break as well as in the movie The Flash where he played the recurring villain Leonard Snart.
  5. Colin Farrell…need we anymore? I think that man can rock anything without even trying, of course he can sport a buzz cut and make any woman swoon with delight.

If you are ready to sport a sexy new hairstyle and you like to help charities then come on in and take advantage of our $5 special for all buzz cuts with the proceeds going to the Stollery Foundation, book your appointment today!

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