I think all the dogs following her home forced her to reconsider her fashion options

Lady Gaga entered the celebrity world like a hurricane, her edgy lyrics and even edgier choice of costume and hair colors, she left the world stunned and in awe at the same time. Did you realize Lady Gaga was not always so vibrant and unique?

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986, she led a pretty normal childhood and pursued her love of theater  at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for a short time before leaving to pursue her real passion, a musical career.

So, what is Lady Gaga’s natural hair color? Does she even know anymore? We have seen Lady Gaga wear a wide range of colors since she first hit the celebrity stage. Believe it or not she is actually a brunette though. You can see from the pictures of her before she became Lady Gaga what her natural born color was. Although Lady Gaga has worn some pretty unique hair colors, she is by no means the first woman to dye her hair.

Not only has Lady Gaga pushed the boundary on hair colors, she has also gone to the edge with styles and accessories for her hair. Have you ever seen a woman rock a giant button made from her hair before? Yea, me either but somehow Lady Gaga can and did pull that look off well.

I am convinced Lady Gaga can pull just about anything off, come on we all remember the “meat dress,” right? When you dare to go big sometimes it isn’t widely accepted but being true to yourself and who you are, is more important than being accepted and that is the message I like to think Lady Gaga tries to promote with her crazy fashion and wild hair.

While her choice of costumes might still be off the wall and unique her hair color has gone back to the normal realm of colors and styles, but does she still look like Lady Gaga to us, or do you know her better by her crazy hair and off the wall style?

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