There was a point in time where men with long hair styles was considered odd or not appropriate but in today’s times we are more accepting of men who wish to rock a longer hair style, and to be honest why can’t they? Popular celebrities like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Keith Urban and Orlando Bloom are just a few of the popular male celebrities who have been rocking long hairstyles for years now. Here are some of the most popular long hair styles for men for 2015.

  1. The Casual Hairstyle – this style can be seen on men like Keith Urban who wear their locks with asymmetric layers, which droop down on the face and resembles a carefree laid back look.
  2. Cool & Casual – along the same lines as the previous style this is another laid back and carefree look. With long wavy layers and slanting bangs this looks more like a rolled out of bed and ready for the beach type of style.
  3. Beaming – Layers are short and the hair is parted down the center and then loosely falls on the face. Again another casual and carefree look.
  4. Suave – Long, wavy layers cut around the side for a look of Prince Charming ready to come rescue his maiden. This style reminds me of the men in stories that are the ladies men.
  5. Cute Guy with the ponytail – Long wavy hair that is pulled back into a messy type ponytail, don’t forget to leave a few loose ends hanging about on the sides of the head for that messy and casual look.
  6. Long curls – Think Howard Stern or Weird Al for this style, long controlled curls framing the face and looking as if they just need to be touched.

Whether you want super long or just medium length hairstyles work with your hair dresser to find the style that will best fit your personality and facial features, anyone can make long hair look good as long as it’s the right style for the man.

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