It’s holiday party time, and you want your hair to look it’s best. Whether it’s the perfect updo, or a colour that brightens, now is the time to step up your hair game. Messy bedhead is for summer; wintertime is for sophisticated.

This is a great time to brighten up your look. Your eyes will look whiter, your skin will pop, and you will look fresher and merry and bright. A great way to brighten your hair is to ask your colourist to pick a warmer version of your natural colour. It won’t be a dramatic change, just a brightening of what you already have. This is a great time to choose richer colours, though you might still want to add some warm highlights to lighten the area near your face.

This time of year is also a great time to sport a sophisticated updo. The secret to a flattering updo is to find the level that compliments you the most. Take your hand and pat your head and look for the flattest section of your head. The area right above that is where you should add volume. It will vary from person to person, and it will give you an idea if you would look best with a low updo, a medium height updo, or a high updo. If you are still confused, ask your stylist to experiment with what looks best on you, as face shape, hair line, hair length, your age, and the density and texture of your hair will all affect what looks best on you. And ask them to teach you how to do it at home after the big event – stylists often really enjoy empowering you to maintain a look!

Lastly, add some sparkle! A headband or comb, pin or clip with some sparkle can go a long way to brightening your look. Consider something that compliments what you are wearing, and that accentuates the hair style, but doesn’t get lost. You might also want to find something that contrasts nicely with your hair colour, so it shows up – pick something lighter for dark hair, colourful for light hair, and maybe green for red hair. Consider your age as well – it might be time to retire adorable bows meant for little girls. And one piece is enough – your head is not a Christmas tree!

Have some fun with your holiday hair, and walk into the next holiday party a little brighter than usual.

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