It’s fall, and you’ve decided to colour your hair for the change in season – smart move! But when you make drastic changes in your hair colour, you might want to consider changing what you wear to really complement your new hair.

Let’s say you’ve picked a lovely, warm, chocolate brown for your fall locks. Now is a great time to bring out the rich, jewel-toned tops to really frame your face and amplify the impact of your hair. Consider what you have in your closet in an emerald green, or a sapphire blue. If you have warmer brown tones, consider purple or an orange-red; if your hair colour is more on the cool side, navy blue and dark grey can look lovely. And if your hair is quite dark, or black, bright, clean reds, cobalt blue, or a royal purple will complement your ‘do nicely.

What about blondes? Whether you’ve decided to lighten up your darker hair, or slightly darken your very blond hair, bright and warm colours will look great on you, as will light colours and neutrals, and crisp whites. Depending on where your colour lies on the spectrum, you might be able to pull off a really nice red, or colours with red undertones. Regardless the shade, pretty much every colour of blond looks great with blue.

Gone red? We all know how great green looks with a red head, but ivory and warm shades of brown and orange also tend to look great; pale yellow – not so much. Darker reds, or pure reds, tend to look best with earth tones of brown and green and beige. A lighter red, or strawberry blond, might look great with a golden yellow or an aqua or violet coloured top. Ready to be bold? A pink or a bright purple can clash in just the right way to make your hair colour stand out.

Whatever the colour, the most important accessory that you can wear to accent your hair is confidence, so make sure that you love it, whatever you choose to wear.

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