If you know anything about the fifties then you know how popular James Dean was in that era, from his bad boy look to that fantastic looking hair. James Dean was in fact an American legend born February 8, 1931 in Indiana. He would soon become one of the most iconic figures in history.  The man screamed sex appeal and his hair style is making a comeback among the men in this day and age. Are you ready to get the ladies’ attention by rocking that signature hair do?

The style is memorable with the short male cut in the back, mid ear length side burns and that poof right on the top, it all blends together nicely to portray a sleek and rebellious look any male would be happy to wear and any female happy to run her fingers through. After your visit to your barber or salon the only other things you will need is a pair of form fitting jeans and a leather jacket and you have it down!

You can join the list of celebrities who have chosen to rock the James Dean look, celebrities such as Jef Holm, the bachelorette winner from 2012, he was sporting the fifties James Dean look on the show. Justin Bieber’s hair style was also inspired by the icon James Dean. It’s easy to see how an iconic figure from the fifties can be such an inspiration to men today of all ages, the look of the James Dean hairstyle is a classic and one that will never fully disappear. The style will always be inspiring spin off styles as well as the original style itself.

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