Get ready to find new cute short hair styles. Look for haircut suggestions for a brand new change. Maintaining straight and fine hair is becoming very difficult, particularly should they have long locks. Short hair styles are popular not just simply because they require a smaller amount of maintenance than longer locks.


In Hollywood Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise has used the long hair style.So we are also very big fans of curling hairs. Long hair is a great style,  but long hair styles can be more difficult to fix and keep up , but they can be made to look elegant, casual and fun.You can achieve a great look if you have a long hair style.There are numerous ways to wear your long hair but curling your ponytail up at the bottom is a pretty neat way to add flavor to your long ponytail. Hot rollers can be used to curl the last two or three inches. There are new and easy ways to do it.


  1. 1.After drying your hairs you can do a side part or central part which you feel is most flattering to your face.
  2. Going down in front of your ear make a diagonal section starting at your part.
  3. On your crown area give the hair a nice tease.
  4. Use your finger side of the comb to smooth over the teased hair so it does not appear too ratty.You can give the top a little spray.
  5. Put all the hair in the back into a high and secure ponytail.
  6. Now take the front section, take one side and drape it over the ponytail holder by using a little spray. To secure it more you can use bobby pins.


Now you can curl some or all hairs in a ponytail in the same direction or on each side to get a pattern going. More messy curl can be made  if you would rather.

Brush your curls so that your ponytail can not get fuller or more bouncy.





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