A growing trend in Hollywood are young celebrities going off the mainstream and into hipster style. Standing at the front of the pack for this look is Zoey Deschanel. The Hipster style is about clothes, music, food and activities mostly out of the mainstream. Hairstyle and fashion go hand in hand even with the Hipster style. Zoey Deschanel’s clothes and hairstyle are classic examples of the look. Embracing the fashion isn’t enough — the whole package of the style comes from the love of vintage clothes and accessories, independent music, artisan coffee and hairstyles reminiscent of past decades.

Zoey Deschanel’s hipster look is noticeable with her hairstyle. The bangs draws attention to her face — especially her beautiful blue eyes. She once said she likes bangs because they’re “cute”. Her style could be described as flirtatious with an equal dose of dorkiness. Highlights add depth to her thick locks — with shades from amber to deep reds. Worn down or up with vintage looking barrettes updates and expands the versatility of her style. The look reflects the style of “no style”. The idea is to keep the hair long but with bangs for that nerdy and functional “can’t have the hair on the face while reading” look. And should look like it’s been blown by a wind or it’s just been lifted off the pillow. The hair shouldn’t look too messy but not styled to the point of “fresh from the salon” perfection. The point is looking as natural as possible with a measure of functionality — after all function over fashion puts the emphasis on the personality behind the style. And that is the point for those sporting this look.

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