The term “lumbersexual” is a metrosexual who needs to hold onto some outdoor-based ruggedness.  The lumbersexual style is a hybrid of lumberjack and hipster styles.


We call them lumbsters or hipjacks

By magazine standards, most men that are modeling hairstyles all have clean shaven faces. However, it is now a trend among men to sport a bit of beard. These beards and facial hair styles can be matched with different hair fashions. There are two hair fashions opposite of each other which goes well with beard and facial hair. The undercut is the best style for a full beard. This complements the beard; the side and back can be uniformly clipped the same length as the beard. The disconnected undercut gives an edgy look with a full beard. Be aware, this may not look good on everyone with a beard.

On the other side of the spectrum is the nerd look. This look can be updated with a shaggy beard, complemented by side fringes and bangs. This adds more masculinity to the face.

Men with curly hair should not feel left out with the beard trends. Medium to long curly hair can be matched with a short and well-trimmed beard. The well-groomed beard intensifies the carefree look of long curls without looking too scruffy. The lumbersexual style is now trending as the new metrosexual style with the twist of the rugged outdoors. It presents a more masculine and outdoorsy look with the edge of style. Complete the lumbersexual look with a hairstyle which complements each other and blend together without looking too un-kept.

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