Finally, the weather broke and spring is indeed in the air. It’s time to pack away the warm winter clothes and bring out the lighter spring attire. The same should be done for your hair. Out with the winter style and color and in with the new spring styles and colors.

This spring longer hair seems to be in with things like Boho waves, braids, long tails, and big buns being among the top styles of the season. It also appears that crazy colors are a favorite for women and men alike this season. Colors such a deep blue or bright fiery red, how about a few luscious purple highlights?

Have you heard of the newest technology when it comes to hair dye? Nanotechnology. Scientists are trying to develop substances that will stimulate your genes to produce melanin pigment that will in turn color your hair. While this is fantastic it will limit the colors to those already natural colors, such as blonde, brown, and black.

When you visit a professional salon your hair color will typically last longer due to the technology they have available. There are such things as micro-molecule hair color; this specific type allows the color molecule to penetrate the hair shaft easier. This gives you longer lasting results and more vibrant color.

If you want the crazy cool in style colors your best bet would still be to make a trip to the salon. It’s a very touchy thing using crazy colors from the “dye at home” boxes, leave this to the professionals. When certain natural hair colors mix with the colorful dyes from boxes it can cause a color that you don’t want at all, like orange or green. Be wary when dying your hair at home.

Are you willing to go bold and colorful this spring season? Pastels are also a huge hit this season; women are paying top dollar to get the perfect shade of Easter egg pink and robin’s egg blue. The options are endless; you can do a solid bright color with a few pastel contrasting color highlights for a eye catching spring style. There is no time like the present to be bold and daring.

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